Vibration Analysis

va-5Most people will associate vibration with the condition of a machine and rightly so. Be it a shaking steering wheel of the car or a rattle of the cooling fan in your PC. But how to find a fault in a complex piece of machinery?

One of the tools we use at AMT is “Vibration Analysis” or VA which is a very powerful tool in understanding the dynamics of machines and structures.

Generally the first indication that something is not quite right is an increase in vibration which most often expresses itself as noise: “There is a noise coming from my machine but I cannot quite pinpoint where”.

AMT uses advanced instrumentation which will give an answer to the location and most often even the components which are the source of the increase in noise and vibration.

Be it a simple loose motor to complex problems in ship propulsion and vibrating structures, our professional engineers are trained to quickly identify the problem and will work with you to find solutions.

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