Laser Alignment

Ensuring that rotating machinery is correctly aligned is a critical preventative maintenance measure.

Machines that are misaligned, even by very fine amounts, will be subject to increased stresses that can lead to breakdowns. Misalignment is one of the biggest causes of bearing failures.

Misalignment also contributes to increased wear of mechanical seals, couplings (including flexi-coupling) and motors. A misaligned machine can consume up to 10% more power. Think of it that with misalignment you pay your electricity company to speed up the wear and tear of your asset.

AMT’s advanced┬áLaser Alignment equipment utilizes laser beams transmitters and receivers to measure alignment within strict tolerances. Our alignment services not only offer horizontal and vertical shaft alignment but also bore-alignment, flatness and straightness measurements.

Laser alignment ensures the true alignment or positioning of industrial plant machinery within required specifications.


Some of the applications for laser alignment:

  • Rotating shafts, propeller shafts etc.
  • Pumps, gearboxes, motors and other drives
  • Bore alignment
  • Cardan shafts and offset drives
  • Machine positioning
  • Straightness measurement saw tracks etc.
  • Flatness measurements of machine tables etc.

AMT LTD provides onsite alignment services for most industrial applications including; manufacturing, processing, marine, mining, and chemical industries.