Dynamic Balancing

Excessive vibration of rotating equipment causes additional stress and can result in premature failures. Even with a proper preventive maintenance program in place, equipment can become unbalanced. Typically excessive vibrations are caused by mass unbalance due to normal wear and tear, deposit build-up, deformation, etc.

AMT engineers are specialists in “In-Situ” balancing of all rotating equipment. We have vast experience in industrial on site Dynamic Balancing.

Besides mass-unbalance there are a multiple of other possible root causes which results in excessive vibrations. AMT engineers are well trained and have the expertise to eliminate any possible other root causes. AMT’s state of the art instrumentation provides accurate information and allows complex 2-plane balancing of all machinery.

A properly balanced machine ensures longevity of the bearings, increasing the assets reliability and safe operation plus improves it’s efficiency.

Just think about this for a moment:
Higher vibration > more wear and tear and higher energy bill.
Lower vibration > less wear and tear and less energy cost.