Condition Monitoring

bearing-brokenSince the start of the industrial age more emphasis has been put on the reliability of the production plant. While early production allowed maintenance the time to fix machinery whenever it broke down, soon this was replaced with Preventative Maintenance.

In the 1970’s with the availability of electronic vibration instrumentation coming on the market and better chemical analysis of the lubricants a trend developed into Predictive Maintenance: do maintenance when and only where required. In the years to follow this was refined with more effective practices like Proactive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering.

AMT has the “Tools” to run a successful Maintenance Management Program (MMP). We have the expertise and equipment to look after the most important aspects of your MMP, including Vibration Analysis, Machine Condition Monitoring, Rotor Balancing, Shaft Alignment by Laser Technology, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, Thermal Imaging, and Video Endoscopy.

The interaction between your maintenance staff and operators and our very experienced team of professional engineers will supply you with recommendation to decreases downtime, reduce your maintenance costs and improve the reliability of your plant.

Why Condition Based Maintenance:

  • Supports corporate objectives – maximum revenues at minimum cost
  • Reduces fuel / energy costs
  • Reduces parts and labour cost
  • Extends time between overhauls
  • Increases machine availability
  • Increases throughput
  • Lowers catastrophic failures
  • Improves safety
  • Optimises manpower deployment
  • Increases Job satisfaction

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