web-royApplied Maintenance Technology Ltd (AMT) has been servicing the New Zealand and overseas industry since the mid ’80s. While in the early years the main share of our work was Condition Monitoring using vibration technology, this was quickly supplemented with in-situ static and dynamic shaft balancing and shaft alignment using laser technology. Over the years we added Thermal Imaging, Ultrasonic Leak Detection, Geometry Laser Alignment (flatness, straightness, bore, etc) and Video Borescopy / Endoscopy.

We at AMT are experts in the fields of reliability engineering and are frequently consulted in the commissioning process of new and reconditioned machines as well as complete processes and factories. Both during the initial start-up and following maintenance shutdowns. We identify opportunities to help improve the client’s equipment efficiency and life cycle.

We support the industry through maintenance training, initiating Condition Monitoring Programs and continued mentoring. We work with the client to find the cause of the problem and improve the reliability, not just find the symptoms.

Our client base consists of a wide variety of industries:

  • Fisheries including fishing vessels and processing plants
  • Logging
  • Wood processing including sawmills and wood fibre plants
  • Chemical processes
  • Bakeries
  • Coolstores
  • Extrusion processes
  • Smelters
  • Cement and fertiliser
  • Power generation
  • Meat processing plants

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