Ultrasonic Leak Detection

If your plant is similar to many we survey for air and steam leaks, then too much of your costly compressed air is lost into the atmosphere. Only some of the leaks are obvious to your staff, but the majority are not recognized due to background noise and the high frequency of the air leaks themselves.

Applied Maintenance Technology Ltd (AMT) has a comprehensive and systematic solution approach utilizing advanced technology, including “Ultrasonic Leak Detection”, to accurately find and quantify compressed air loss. We survey during normal operating conditions and most of the time there is no interruption to production.

ultrasonic leak detection     Ultrasonic steam leak detection MeOH vaporiser.


The air or steam leaks are labelled, a photo is taken for easy identification and then tabled in a report. Besides the location, the report will show the severity, any re-occurrence since the previous survey and improvements to lower the likelihood of re-occurrence.

The cost of these surveys is paid back in energy savings and increased reliability of the plant. This is usually within a matter of a few months