Infra Red Imaging

thermo-1Industrial thermography

All machinery generate heat which can be monitored and analysed with the aid of an Infrared camera. Typically electrical components exhibit rising temperatures prior to failure but with no other physical changes are ideal candidates for this predictive technology.


Infrared is a non-contact, non-intrusive condition monitoring approach that measures heat distribution and concentrations, giving a thermal signature of the asset. Done at regular intervals it will highlight problems thus predicting failures.

Infrared imaging is a proven condition monitoring technology that has been utilized effectively for many years. Using infrared technology, AMT is able to provide images of the temperature profile of the electrical or mechanical asset of interest.

In addition AMT uses Infrared imaging also as collaborating data to support vibration analysis findings, at hazardous locations and static assets condition assessments.

The application of this technology is widespread indeed. With the advancing expectations for reliability, efficiency, and product quality, the number of applications is continually growing.

  • Motor Control Centre
  • Transformers
  • Motor Windings
  • Motor Connections
  • Control Panels
  • Bearings
  • Steam Traps / Piping
  • Process Valves / Piping
  • Storage Tank inspections

Combined with other technologies, infrared imaging provides another source of information, enabling more accurate condition monitoring, improving plant-reliability and safety.